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    Participate with Your Pet in Obedience Training

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    With pet obedience and training technology from DOG TRAINING SYSTEMS

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  • This fencing system is among the most reliable, cost-efficient pet containment systems available today. A buried wire transmits a harmless radio signal. When you dog approaches the boundary, the signal causes the dog’s collar receiver to deliver a warning beep first. If your dog continues closer to the boundary, the system will issue a mild static.

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  • High Quality, Affordable, Tested LED dog leash that keep you and your pet safer. 

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Dog Training Systems

With do it yourself dog training

Designed to give every dog owner the techniques they need to train their dogs and have the lessons stick for life!

Learn how to train aggressive, fearful, and difficult dogs!

Are you looking for a simple, but effective, way to limit nuisance barking, or an e-trainer to help with more extensive pet training and obedience? We have a few options for you.

Why train electronically?

Dog Training Systems

Why train electronically?

We’re lucky; dogs aren’t people. But that means we can’t reason with them or ask them nicely to be more polite members of our household. We have to teach them, train them to be what we want. With the help of our easy-to-use, adjustable, bark controlling and remote training devices, we have more control over the essential elements of dog training, connection and consistency. Training pets is a big responsibility. But when it works, they finally understand the behavior that makes us happy, and we get to love our dogs more.

Training electronically, or e-training, is similar to traditional leash training, or touch training, in that timing and consistency are keys to your pet associating a behavior with a correction. Where e-training excels is in the immediacy of the correction to the behavior. That precision helps your dog connect the correction to the behavior and not simply to the device or to you, the trainer.

Our pet training devices give you more control of the intensity and duration of the training so you can use the least amount of correction you need to yield the best results.